VAT Guide for Freelancers in Bulgaria

Written by Xolo
on February 04, 2022 4 minute read

Bulgaria follows the "destination principle" of the EU, which states that value-added tax should be paid to the country’s government where the products are purchased. As a result, regardless of your location, you must comply with Bulgarian VAT rules if your clients are in Bulgaria. Bulgaria's standard VAT rate is set at 20%, with reduced VAT rates at 9% and 0%, depending on the type of goods or services sold. If you are seeking to hire and manage freelancers from Bulgaria with compliance, check out Xolo's guide to collaborate with Bulgaria-based freelance talents.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the VAT system in Bulgaria that you'll need to follow when selling your services to Bulgarian clients. We'll discuss the various VAT rates that apply to certain products, when and how you should register for VAT, and your obligations as a sole proprietor in Bulgaria.

VAT Rates for Freelancers in Bulgaria

There are three different VAT rates in Bulgaria, and freelancers must charge the amount that applies to their products and services.



Goods or services



Applicable to all goods and services that do not fall under the reduced, zero or exempt category.



Applicable to hotel accommodations



Applicable to intra-community and international transport


*Although there are no charges on zero rates, you should record sales of goods and services and create a report based on your returns.

Here is a list of services that are usually exempt from VAT.

When to Register for VAT as a Freelancer in Bulgaria

For Bulgarian resident freelancers and non-resident EU-based freelancers, the VAT registration threshold is currently set at BGN 50,000 (~ EUR 26,000). The registration threshold for distance selling is 70,000 BGN. However, if you are an EU-based seller and choose to register for VAT using the Mini One-Stop-Shop (MOSS), the global EU VAT threshold of €10,000 is applicable. You are required to register for VAT once your annual sales turnover reaches or exceeds the respective threshold relevant to you.

The following are examples of situations that require Bulgarian VAT registration:

  • Importing goods into Bulgaria
  • Purchasing and selling goods within the country of Bulgaria
  • Organising live events, conferences, and other types of paid gatherings in Bulgaria
  • Online e-commerce transactions with Bulgarian customers.
  • Online sales to individual clients, subject to the Bulgarian distance selling threshold.

How to Register for VAT in Bulgaria as a Freelancer

If you are eligible to register for VAT in Bulgaria, you need to apply via the forms available on the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency’s website. You will then receive a unique VAT number that will link your services to the NRA and keep track of all your taxes and related information.

​​Non-resident EU-based freelancers must obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN) before registering for VAT in Bulgaria. This can be done online using the "BULSTAT" registration form from the National Statistical Institute.

The following documentation is required when registering with the NRA:

  • Tax and VAT registration from the country of residence
  • Details of the taxable turnover in Bulgaria
  • Articles of Association
  • An extract from the company's national trade register
  • Declaration of absence of criminal record

Alternatively, you can also register using the aforementioned Mini One-Stop-Shop, an EU-wide tax system that allows you to consolidate all of your EU VAT in one single tax return. This scheme is optional but convenient and beneficial if you have customers in multiple countries within the EU, including Bulgaria. Furthermore, MOSS allows you to avoid registering in each Member State of consumption. To learn more, click here.

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VAT Obligations for Freelancers in Bulgaria

Once you have registered for VAT in Bulgaria, you should begin invoicing your clients with Bulgarian VAT rates added to the total sales amount. You must also comply with additional local rules, which include:

  • Issuing invoices that include the information required by the Bulgarian VAT Act. 
  • Electronic invoices that include the recipient's signature, authentication, and agreement.
  • Use of the 'reverse charge' procedure when applicable
  • Processing of credit notes and other corrections.
  • Use of approved foreign currency rates.


Bulgarian invoices must include the following information:

  • Date and place of issue of the invoice
  • Unique, sequential invoice number
  • Full name, address, VAT number of the supplier 
  • Full name, address, VAT/ BULSTAT number of the customer
  • Description/nature of the goods or services
  • Date of supply, completion of services, and prepayment (if any)
  • Per VAT rate price per unit (excluding VAT) 
  • Per VAT rate taxable amount or exemption 
  • VAT rate(s) applied and total VAT amount
  • Total amount payable (excluding VAT)


You must store Bulgarian VAT invoices for a period of ten years.

If you are registered with VAT MOSS instead, you must keep your VAT records for at least six to 10 years. These records can be stored in an electronic format, on paper, or in a software program. Moreover, your records must be precise, readable, complete, and easy to comprehend.

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